Polyimide Tape for Heat and Electrical Insulation


Polyimide Tape for Heat and Electrical Insulation

What is Kapton Tape?

Kapton is a polyimide film developed by DuPont in the late 1960s that remains stable across a wide range of temperatures, from −269 to +400 °C (−452 to 752 °F; 4 to 673 K). Kapton is used in, among other things, flexible printed circuits (flexible electronics) and thermal blankets used on spacecraft, satellites, and various space instruments.


-Spraying or baking processing
-Shielding or Fixing the electronic parts
-Kinds of high temperature usage of electronic manufacturing
-3D printing


-High temperature resistance
-Large range of electrical isolation ability
-Easy to peel off and no glue residue
-Strong tensile strength

-ROHS qualified

Polyimide tape structure:

kapton tape

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